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Go2Geo Slider Mat Richardson

Go2Geo ‘can make affiliates richer’

Ever thought you were missing out on your affiliate links? Mat Richardson sheds light on his innovative Go2Geo link-shortening service that helps mop-up every penny! SteelData 2013 From RSVP to VIP (Exclusive First Look)

It is becoming all too easy for people to bot their way onto guest lists. With incentive-based, RSVPs get the VIP treatment.

Tax Dodgers Named and Shamed

North West tax dodgers make up over half ‘named and shamed’

HMRC reveals a list showing that the North West accounts for over half of the tax dodgers defaulting on over £25,000 in tax. iPhone App Review Middle East’s number one jobsite goes mobile (iPhone Review)

Bag your dream Middle East job with the region’s leading jobsite: now available on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

Wired City Reconnected (c) Chris Vaughan

Wired City matchmakes Manchester’s talent

If you’re a marketing firm after a copywriter or an app developer seeking a graphic designer, Wired City Reconnected could help find Mr or Mrs Right.

SocialSafe app review

Secure your social networks with SocialSafe

Read SteelData’s exclusive SocialSafe review, showing how easily you could secure your favourite Facebook snaps, status updates and tweets.

Magic mirror mobile app smashes 6,000 downloads in first month

James Mundy, founder of Mendzapp, talks about his new age-predicting, celeb-matching Windows mobile app.

OrderHarmony music to investor’s ears to the tune of £100k

Dan Dukeson, co-founder of OrderHarmony, talks to SteelData about his company’s £100k investment opportunity.

SwitcherApp: Cut the clutter from Twitter

Too much junk clogging up your social news feeds? Read about how Matt’s SwitcherApp idea aims to smartly sift through all your clutter.